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Amara Raja Batteries Limited

About Amaron Batteries India

"To transform our spheres of influence and to improve the quality of life by building institutions that provide better access to better opportunities, goods and services to more people…all the time" – has always been the mantra at Amara Raja.

A USD565 million Group, Amara Raja is synonymous with innovative engineering, and pathbreaking research and design. From design to manufacturing to sales and service, every step is oriented towards creating customer-focused products of top-notch quality. Partnerships and information-sharing tie-ups with global technology leaders also help us bring you the best from around the world.

Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL), in collaboration with Johnson Controls Inc., USA, is the largest manufacturer of Standby Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries in the Indian Ocean Rim region. We offer the discerning Indian customer an extensive range of India's most powerful zero-maintenance batteries. Our fully integrated world-class manufacturing facility is situated in the holy city of Tirupati, in Andhra Pradesh, India. Amaron batteries incorporate the latest technological advances in the field of captive power and are on par with batteries manufactured and marketed anywhere in the world.

Thanks to an unrelenting focus on innovative engineering, a deep-rooted commitment to research & design and the promise to deliver customer-focused products, Amaron has risen to a position of leadership in a span of just 7 years.

Amara Raja Batteries Limited

ARBL Progress till date

Amaron's different thinking:

After spending decades ignored as an obscure part under the hood, the automotive battery has finally found a place in the minds of demanding consumers thanks to Amaron.

It was a transformation whose time had come. The striking black looks were just an indication of the changes that had taken place. Because the real changes were inside the battery. It was the technology that marked Amaron as the next generation battery that would last longer than anything the Indian consumer had seen.

At Amaron, we set out to transform the consumers' experience with batteries, and to disprove all the preconceived notions about batteries. For example, we were the first to introduce a zero-maintenance battery, so you never had to worry about top-ups or other maintenance. Amaron was also the first battery that left the factory fully charged. This meant that batteries were not subject to inconsistent charging at the dealerships. So customers could rest assured that all Amaron batteries were created equal and would perform equal.

The biggest change that we brought was to the long life of the battery. We backed our technology promise with our actions. We were the only company that had the confidence to offer the longest warranties for batteries. We were the first to offer 36 month, 48 month and 60 month warranties for car batteries, which was almost twice as long as the warranty periods in the market. Even for bikes, we made sure that the rides were never cut short. Amaron is the first and only battery for two-wheelers that offers a 60 month warranty.

The difference is silver. Amaron is the only battery that contains the patented Silven X alloy. And that's what gives it the power to last long, really long.

With Amaron, the changes did not stop with the way batteries were manufactured. In our constant endeavour to better the customer experience we revolutionized the retail and service aspects as well. Our impeccable- planned retail outlets transformed the way you bought a battery. No more dingy sheds and greasy workshops. Battery shopping actually became a pleasure. We also make sure that you are never too far away from us, because we have the widest network of dealers. What's more, our 24/7 customer service ensures complete peace of mind, since you know you can depend on us, any time of day or night.

At Amaron, our passion for the automotive also spills into the racetrack. We have been an active supporter and participant in the burgeoning motorsports scene in the country. From spotting fresh racing talent to sponsoring and training India's fastest, Amaron makes a smooth transition from the streets to the tracks.

Our unflagging commitment to technology quality has paid rich dividends. We are the preferred supplier to all major original equipment manufacturers, with most automobile models sporting an Amaron battery under the hood when they roll off the assembly line. We are the second largest brand in the Indian aftermarket space for automotive batteries. We have also made significant inroads into international markets, with promising performances in markets like Singapore – where every 3rd car is powered by Amaron – and Mauritius.

  • There are over 13,500,000 Amaron batteries powering Indian vehicles as of today.
  • Every minute, there are five Amaron batteries being fitted in vehicles in India (excluding two-wheelers).

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